Development and production of dry current-limiting reactors

Dry-type transformers

Manufacturing Unit transformer substations with voltage of 35, 110, 220 kV

Production of complete transformer substations of outdoor

Projects and Solutions

Аutotransformer АТДЦТН 250000/220 for substation «Ryabina» (JSC «YEGC»)

July, 2011 — 2 autotransformers were supplied to the substation «Ryabina». This autotransformer is the most powerful of the manufactured in the Urals. The substation «Ryabina» is one of the global projects of JSC «YEGC», which will supply electricity to about 30% of Yekaterinburg. The new transformers are unique because manufactured with applications of the energy efficient innovative solutions. In other words, the new transformers unlike their predecessors will be more effective, reliable and environmental friendly, less costly in terms of operation.

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March 06

SVEL Group takes part in the largest electrical engineering exhibition of the Middle East

February 19

Unique current-limiting reactors produced by SVEL started work at Leningrad NPP

January 31

SVEL Group transformer substations have been certified by the experts of “Transneft”

January 19

SVEL Group, one of the largest Russian manufacturers of electrical equipment, has become a platform for demonstrating the capabilities of the unique diagnostic complex "Kanatohod" of "Laboratory of the Future" company.