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About SVEL Group (Leaflet)

About SVEL Group

SVEL Group JSC is a leader among national manufacturers of the electrotechnical equipment. It is a producer of power dry-type and oil-immersed transformers, provider of solutions in electric power quality improvement and electric network protection. SVEL Group is also taking advantage of its cutting edge technologies to be a reliable provider in such products as switchgears, packaged transformer substations, instrument transformers, circuit breakers and disconnectors.

SVEL specialists solutions allow to produce the equipment that assists enterprises in the reduction of energy consumption up to 45 %. Going forward, SVEL Group will continue to make big steps in other MV, HV and UHV equipment.

SVEL Group is specialized in manufacturing of cast resin and dry-type transformers for any kind of application from 16 kVA up to 25 MVA for LV and HV with rating voltage 12-17.5-24-36 kV.

Our experience in the field has enabled us to solve a wide range of requirements even for special units, i.e. earthing transformers, transformers for 6-12-18-24 pulse converters, HV-HV transformers, three-monophase transformers, Scott type transformers, start motor transformers and autotransformers.

SVEL are present in the national and international market and count on a 14-year technical experience in the field. The recently built new works are equipped wth high-tech producting plants, the most sophisticated automation job order systems via real time production management.

Experience, constant dialogue with customer, suppliers and innovations applied by SVEL Group, allow to offer a reliable and qualitative product.

All products correspond to IEC, EN and GOST.