Company Profile

SVEL RosEnergoTrans — is a plant of SVEL Group, designing and manufacturing dry-type current limiting reactors in Russia. SVEL RosEnergoTrans has been working since 2003 and offers dry-type current limiting reactors rated up tо 10 000 А, voltage classes are up tо 500 kV. Experience, constant dialogue with customers, suppliers and innovations applied by SVEL, allow to offer a reliable and qualitative product. All products соrrespond to IEC, EN and GOST.

Design innovations allow to reduce the weight and dimensions of reactors comparing with concrete and also other types of dry-type current-limiting reactors. Universal design of terminals allows to provide any angle of connectio

Also the plant produces the following types of reactors:

  • Smoothing reactors 2, 6, 10 kV;
  • Dry-type current-limiting reactors 3-20 kV;
  • Filter reactors 3-20 kV.