Dry-type transformer


«RosEnergoTrans» — is a subsidiary company of «SVEL» Group that develops and manufactures dry-type transformers and current limiting reactors in Russia.

«RosEnergoTrans» has been working since 2003 and offers cast resin dry-type transformers rated from 16 tо 25 000 kVА, voltage classes are up tо 35 kV.

Сast resin dry-type transformers manufactured by «RosEnergoTrans» can replace without any additional expenditures earlier set products like these:

  • Oil-immersed transformers;
  • Sovtol transformers;
  • Dry-type transformers: GDNN, GEAFOL, SGB, RESIBLOC, TRIHAL, TTA-RES and others.

"RosEnergoTrans-SVEL" offers different kinds of dry-type transformers:

  • general purpose power distribution transformers;
  • rectifier transformers for the power of direct current drive in metallurgical,boting, oil and gas extraction and other industries;
  • dry-type transformers for the converter instalations of public transpor (subway, trams. trolley basses)
  • dry-type transformers for the own need of electric generating plants and other onjects.

The transformer is produced depending on a position of high tension winding inputs:

  • left: HV winding inputs are on the left regarding the front;
  • rignt: HV winding inputs are on the right regarding the front;
  • up: input of the LV and HVwindings are on the transformer upper cover.

«RosEnergoTrans» upon individual orders can make dry-type transformers with air-barrier insulation rated up tо 12 500 kVА, voltage classes are up tо 35 kV.

Experience, constant dialogue with customers, suppliers and innovations applied by «RosEnergoTrans», allow to offer a reliable and qualitative product.

All products соrrespond to IEC, EN and GOST.