Current Transformers

SVEL — Instrument transformers — it is a new project of SVEL Group, involved innovative approaches and experience of the best world analogues in manufacturing of instrument transformers with high reliability and measurement accuracy.

SVEL — Instrument transformers manufactures current and voltage cast-resin instrument transformers, voltage classes up to 35kV; current and voltage instrument transformers with SF6 gas insulation, voltage classes up to 500kV.

High quality product output is based on application of the high-tech equipment made under individual requirements specifications specially to arrange a conveyor-type in-line production.

Nomenclature current transformers

Тype Voltage class, kV Measuring windings accuracy class Protection windings accuracy class Number of windings
ТОЛ-SVEL 6-35 from 0,2 S and lower 5Р; 10Р up tо 4
ТПОЛ-SVEL 6-35 up tо 4
ТПЛ-SVEL 6-35 up tо 4
ТШЛ-SVEL 0.66-24 up tо 5
ТВ-SVEL 35-220 -