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Power (generation, T&D)

Power energy is a branch of industry covering development, transfer and sale to consumers electric and thermal energy. Together with extraction, processing and transfer of power resources (minerals and their derivatives used as fuel), forms a fuel and energy complex.

Аutotransformer АТДЦТН 250000/220 for substation «Ryabina» (JSC «YEGC»)

July, 2011 — 2 autotransformers were supplied to the substation «Ryabina». This autotransformer is the most powerful of the manufactured in the Urals. The substation «Ryabina» is one of the global projects of JSC «YEGC», which will supply electricity to about 30% of Yekaterinburg, including a new residential district "Academichesky".

The new transformers are unique because manufactured with applications of the energy efficient innovative solutions. In other words, the new transformers unlike their predecessors will be more effective, reliable and environmental friendly, less costly in terms of operation.Thanks to innovative transformers the energy consumption can be reduced to 45%, and no-load losses to 25-30%.