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Yekaterinburg, Russia

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About SVEL Group (Leaflet)

Oil&gas industry

The Oil and gas industry is today "the locomotive" of economic development of Russia. Owing to high social and economic responsibility of the branch, and also its technological features, special requirements are put forward to reliability of the used equipment.

The Equipment made by "SverdlovElectro” Group is used at all stages of oil and gas cycle — extraction, processing and transportation.

Оne of the most important and big customer of SVEL Group is JSC «Gаzprom». For objects of this customer SVEL Group regularly manufactures large lots of equipment. For example, only in 2011 for «Gаzprom» needs «SVEL» made 10 oil-immersed transformers of 4000 kVA for the Orenburg region deposits, 1 oil-immersed transformer forthe "Nord Stream" project, a modular integrated transformer substation 1000/10/04 to SS «Таеzhnaya» for «Gаzprom — Тrаnsgaz - Yugorsk» Co ltd, also 2 oil-immersed transformers of 16 000 kVA and 1 transformer of 6300 kVA made by SVEL Group will be supplied within megaproject “Yamal” for construction of the gas pipeline system “Bovanenkovo — Ukhta”. Besides, SVEL Group fulfilled a big order of 100 dry-type transformers of different rated power for the gas company objects.