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SVEL Group develops and manufactures cast resin dry-type transformers rated from 16 tо 25 000 kVА, voltage classes are up tо 35 kV.

SVEL Group develops and manufactures dry-type current limiting reactors rated up tо 8 000 А, voltage classes are up tо 220 kV.

SVEL Power Transformers Plant — it is a new plant of SVEL Group, one of the largest Russian company, manufacturing electrotechnical equipment.

Production of complete transformer substations at voltages of 6, 10, 35, 110, 220 kV

Complete transformer substations SVEL intended for reception, transformation and distribution of electric power three-phase alternating current.

SVEL Group develops and produces complete transformer substations and complete respredelitelnye device.

SVEL – Instrument transformers manufactures current and voltage cast-resin instrument transformers, voltage classes up to 35kV; current and voltage instrument transformers with SF6 gas insulation, voltage classes up to 500kV.

Low-voltage devices

Production of high-frequency layers for communication systems

Unclaimed residues for sale

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