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High-frequency-layers (EOI) - designed to provide emergency control signal (PA), relay protection (RP), telephone, remote control, etc., the modulated high-frequency (20-1000 kHz) for phase wire or power line grozotrosu 6 -750 kV. Suppressor is required to avoid shunting high-frequency signal of the phase winding of the transformer.

High-frequency communications system for transmission lines is most effective:

  • cost, because RF equipment is required only to end stations;
  • signals can be sent via transmission lines to several hundred kilometers.

Suppressor is a high-pass filter, which is included in the crosscuts wire power line to prevent the loss of high frequency signal. High-frequency-layers can be manufactured with an inductance of 0.1 to 2.5 mH, the resistance barrier of 400 ohms to 1000 ohms, with unusual frequency range fence. -Layers can be manufactured on a special technical requirements, such as the "delta-function," "polymodal frequency response," etc. Perhaps picking minelayers protivokoronnymi rings and nets from the birds. -Layers is possible to produce lightweight and with improved performance on short circuit.

Instead, taken from the production of spiral-type DR-layers-layers are made on the type OT 100-40000 amp currents, which are light weight and small dimensions and can be used in the mobile communication stations and RZA and installed in enclosed switchgears.

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