Power Transformer 25kVA  to 63kVA

Power Transformer 25kVA to 63kVA

This type of Power Transformer is mounted into 6kV or 10kV Switchgears aiming at their power supply. Due to the cast resin windings, this equipment withstands peak load of 145kVA at current inrush.



The compact size makes it possible to fit this transformer into the majority of cell types. Among other elements, this equipment is used at the SVEL’s Switchgears.

Design Features

Design Features

Magnet Core

  • Rolled Grain Oriented Electrical Steel with low specific loss
  • Steel stacking with tilt joint of the steel strips by Step-lap Process


  • Manufacturing process ensured making windings with the stable dimensions within the whole life cycle
  • Transposed wire allows enhancing electrodynamic properties and mechanical strength of windings under short circuit, and reduce incidental loss in windings.

Active Part

  • Active Part design ensures 1.5 times reduced incidental loss within their structure.
  • Due to fit-up system and marking of each part, the possibility of any design error is eliminated, and therefore, assembling of transformers is facilitated.

Data Sheet

Data Sheet
Parameter name Value
Power, kVA 25; 40; 63
HV Side, kV 6; 6,3; 10; 10,5
Tap Changer (HV) NLTC ± 2x2.5%
LV Side, kV 0.4
Frequency, Hz 50; 60
Heat Resistance Class F
Protection Degree IP00

Service and Support

Service and Support

Service and Support Service offers:

  1. Supervised Installation (guidance and support on your site);
  2. Service and Support for installed transformers;
  3. Installation Guides;
  4. Aftersales Service, including repair;
  5. Insurance on equipment delivery.