About SVEL Group

SVEL Group delivers integrated solutions for electrical facilities.

We operate with various industries, such as power, nuclear power, oil&gas, engineering, ferrous&non-ferrous, construction, public transport, and many others.

Our mission is to transform power into life by designing customized solutions in the area of electrical equipment for the whole cycle from generation to consumption. Our priorities – quality, sustainability, trouble-free operation and fast service support.

A unique blend of reliable equipment, industrial expertise, timely and quality services create the milestone of our global success.

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Year of foundation – 2003

Our Production

Energy Saving Technology

High-tech production of the company is awarded with various accolades (for participation in several RF National Projects, such as TechUp, National Champions, Labor Productivity and Employment Support) and ISO certificates.

Quality Management System

ISO quality certificates confirming compliance with international standards.
Service support and each stage: from consulting up to supervised installation and commissioning.

Test Center

In-house test laboratories allow conducting tests and providing clients with the evidenced values.

Advanced Manufacturing Practice

LEAN Production methods are widely introduced at SVEL’s sites

Our branches

620010, Yekaterinburg, 61 Chernyakhovsky st.


115114, 11 Derbenevskaya emb., bldg. B, office 408B, BC "Pollars"

St. Petersburg

196191, 7 Constitution sq., letter A, office 529 / 528a, BC "Leader"


420088, RT, Kazan, 159 Victory Avenue (BC "Azinsky"), office 803


010000, 41 Tauelsizdik avenue, office 604, BC "Silk Way Center"


630007, 5 Sovetskaya st., BC "Kronos", block A, 4th floor, office A-402


350059, 75/1 Uralskaya st., building 1, office 510


660099, 21a Oborony st., office 309


680000, 80 Turgenev st., office 404

We are proud of our history
Commissioning Rosenergotrans Production Site

Special site to manufacture Dry-Type Cast Resin Transformers, rated power 25kVA to 2,500kVA, voltage class 6kV to 10kV

Commissioning Reactor Production Site

Special site to manufacture Dry-Type Current-Limiting Reactors, 4,000A, Voltage Class up to 20kV, inductance up to 2.0Ohm.

ISO 9001:2000 Certificate

ISO 9001:2000 Certificate is issued for SVEL Group by BSI Certification Body

New sales offices

Sales Representative Offices open in Moscow, St Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, and Krasnodar.

Commissioning New Production Site

New Production Site – SVEL-Power Transformers – to manufacture Oil-Immersed Transformers, voltage class up to 220kV, rated power 2,500kVA to 250,000kVA.

Commissioning Instrument Transformer Production Site

SVEL Group merged Metal Works Plant (former NIZMK, founded in 1949) as it possessed a vast expertise in manufacturing of metal structures of construction and industrial application.

Unique design by SVEL

SVEL Group’s experts designed and manufactured first shell-type reactor, Dry-Type Transformer with OLTC, and removable safety solenoid-type device Type SPUE-SVEL-10-0.2 of multiple use to protect VT primary coil.

First Transformer on 500kV is designed and manufactured.

Autotransformer successfully pass all type and routing tests.

Low Voltage Switchgear

Certificate of Compliance of LV Switchgear is obtained

Accreditation of in-house Test Center

SVEL Test Center is accredited to conduct almost the whole range of tests

Launch of the new website shop.svel.ru

Launch of the SVEL online catalog, where you can find comprehensive information about products and order over 200 different types of instrument transformers.

New service launch

Comprehensive transformer assessment to improve operational reliability, extend service life, reduce unplanned downtime, and prevent major accidents.

New production launch

Launch of the production of transformers with a capacity up to 630 MVA for a voltage class up to 750 kV.


This is an interesting job that will reveal your potential and ample opportunities for professional growth: for young specialists - passing practice and choosing their professional path, for professionals - freedom to achieve ambitious goals and perform complex tasks.

Employment according to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, white wages (salary + bonus), voluntary medical insurance program (VHI). A transparent performance assessment system that allows you to influence the increase of your income.

We regularly host sports and family events, corporate events and various competitions. We regularly host sports and family events, corporate events and various competitions.

The training center of SVEL Group is a well-functioning system of personnel training and development. For employees, trainings, webinars, specialized events, and English language courses are regularly held.

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