How to become a SVEL supplier

In order to become a SVEL Supplier, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Conduct self-audit according to the SVEL checklist. If the rank for it is at least B, then go to the next step (if the company provides services, then skip step 1);
  2. Fill out an application for prequalification on the SVEL website by uploading scans of all required documents;
  3. Receive confirmation of prequalification for the category of goods and materials from SVEL;
  4. Agree with the manager of the Procurement Department on the date of the technical audit (offline or online). The decision on the format of the technical audit is made individually;
  5. Sign a framework agreement with SVEL in the SVEL form.

At any stage, SVEL may refuse to cooperate, provided that the Supplier's company does not meet the criteria for prequalification in the category of goods and materials **. In any case, you will be given a reasoned answer about the reason for the refusal to cooperate.

Prequalification — is a procedure for verifying a supplier for its ability to meet SVEL requirements.

Prequalification period —the period during which the supplier's ability to meet SVEL requirements is considered confirmed.

Unqualified supplier is

  1. a supplier who, following the results of prequalification procedures, has not confirmed its ability to comply with SVEL requirements;
  2. a supplier whose prequalification period has expired.

One month prior to the expiration of the prequalification period, each supplier will receive an email notification.

More information on how to become a SVEL supplier