Our History

Our History

SVEL Group is a leading manufacturer in Russian and Eastern European market. The extensive experience in manufacturing ensures the most efficient and reliable solutions to our customers in compliance with the advanced requirements of modern power industry.

2003 – Start or Commercial Operations

Launch of Rosenergotrans plant to manufacture Dry-Type Cast Resin Transformers, Voltage Class 6kV to 10kV, rated power 25kVA to 2,500kVA.


Launch of Dry-Type Current Limiting Reactor production site, 4,000A, Voltage Class up to 20kV, inductance up to 2.0Ohm.

Integrated Delivery business line initiates to ensure sales of the related products, including in-house goods.


Dry-Type Current Limiting Reactor is patent licensed.


  • Dry-Type Current Limiting Reactor, Type 10-5000-0.2 U3 is designed and manufactured.
  • Dry-Type Rectifier Transformer, Type 12500/10.5 is designed and manufactured for Russian Railways, JSC.
  • Dry-Type Cast Resin Transformer production site reaches 2.5mln kVA/Year.


ISO 9001:2000 Certificate is issued for SVEL Group by BSI, UK Certification Body (the pioneer in development of management system standards).

Construction of a new plant for manufacturing oil-immersed transformers, Voltage Class up to 220kV, rated power up to 250,000kVA.


Representative Offices open in Moscow, St Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, and Krasnodar.

New business line – Engineering – is initiated.


  • Launch of Oil-Immersed Transformer Production Site – SVEL-Power Transformers – Voltage Class up to 220kV, rated power 2,500kVA to 250,000kVA.
  • Launch of Transformer Substation and Switchgears production site.

SverdlovElectro Group is established, with Rosenergotrans being the flagman plant. The Group comprise SVEL-Power Transformers site, manufacturing oil-immersed transformers. Since that moment, all plants within the Group operate under a single brand of ‘SVEL’.


  • SVEL Group merged Metal Works Plant (former NIZMK, founded in 1949) as it possessed a vast expertise in manufacturing of metal structures of construction and industrial application.
  • Licenses on design and manufacturing electrical equipment for Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs). SVEL Group becomes a reliable and long-lasting partner of Rosatom State Corporation as a manufacturer of transformer equipment.
  • Representative Offices open in Astana, Kazan, and Novosibirsk.
  • Serial production of Switchgears.
  • Launch of Instrument Transformer Production Site.


Reconstruction of Metal Works Plant (NIZMK): launch of new production sites for metal structures and switchgear assembling.

Representative Offices open in Khabarovsk.


  • SVEL Group’s experts designed and manufactured first shell-type reactor, Dry-Type Transformer with OLTC, and removable safety solenoid-type device Type SPUE-SVEL-10-0.2 of multiple use to protect VT primary coil.
  • For the first time in Russia, the shell-type reactor is designed and manufactured by SVEL for Zubovskaya Substation, MOESK, JSC (Moscow Rosseti)
  • For the first time in Russia, Dry-Type Transformer with OLTC is designed and manufactured for Oka Substation, FSK, JSC (Rosseti).


Launch of the first in Russia Dry-Type Current Limiting Reactor, Voltage Class 220kV.


Serial production of two types of reactor equipment for Lastochka Commuter Train manufactured by Ural Locomotives, Ltd.


Serial production of Cast Resin Damping Reactors at Rosenergotrans site and delivery to multiple facilities in Russia and former Soviet states.

First 500kV Transformer is designed and manufactured. The Autotransformer successfully pass all type and routing tests.


  • Manufacturing of transformers for renewable energy sources (solar power plants and wind turbines) starts, taking into account the specifics of this industry. We establish cooperation with leading companies in this sector.
  • Launch of Dry-Type Current Limiting Reactors, Voltage Class 330kV.
  • LV Low Voltage Switchgear is designed and the corresponding Certificate of Compliance of LV Switchgear is obtained.


In-house Test Center comprising all Test Laboratories of SVEL Group is accredited. SVEL Test Center is licensed to conduct almost the whole range of tests for our products.


The emergence of production facilities in Central Europe.

Launch of the SVEL online catalog, where you can find comprehensive information about products and order over 200 different types of current and voltage transformers with cast resin for voltage classes up to 220 kV, as well as low-power power transformers.


Launch of a new service - a comprehensive assessment of transformers to improve operational reliability, increase service life, reduce unplanned downtime, and prevent major accidents.


Establishment of production facilities in Eastern Europe.

Launch of the production of transformers with a capacity up to 630 MVA for a voltage class up to 750 kV. The production is equipped with high-tech equipment for winding windings, strapping the magnetic circuit, assembling and testing transformers.