Low Voltage Switchboard

Low Voltage Switchboard

Low Voltage Switchboard by SVEL is designed to is intended for receipt and distribution of AC three-phase power, rated voltage 10(6)kV, 50Hz, and normally used at electric grids with the dead earthed or insulated neutral to ensure protection of electrical facilities from fault and overload.



In terms of operating conditions, Low Voltage Switchboard by SVEL comply with the following requirements:

  • Climate Category Boreal or Tropical, Environment Class 3 as per GOST 15150.
  • Ambient Temperature: -5ºС to +40ºС
  • Altitude - up to 1,000m, asl.
  • Non-explosive media, free from any dust in such concentrations that can unacceptably degrade the parameters of Low Voltage Switchboard, and free from aggressive gases and vapors in concentrations that can destroy insulation or metal.



Low Voltage Switchboard is applied at numerous industries:

  • Oil&Gas
  • Power Industry
  • Ferrous&Non-Ferrous
  • Engineering
  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical
  • Infrastructure
  • Agriculture

Competitive Advantages

Competitive Advantages
  1. Modular configuration allows easy rearrangement for various range of applications;
  2. Easy configuration change or functional elements replacement without no need to de-energize;
  3. Possible expansion by adding compartments, in case of adding more electric user;
  4. Maximum safety of operating personnel;
  5. User-friendly and easy maintenance;
  6. High rated current of the busbar – 6,300A.
  7. Delivery on ready-to-operate status.



Cabinet Body:

The cabinet body is manufactured of galvanized profile, thickness 2mm.

Structurally, the transport section of Low Voltage Switchboard is a metal cabinet (or several cabinets) consisting of a frame mounted on a base, partitions, panels with equipment, busbars on insulators and an external removable panels and doors. All elements are powder-painted: elements, panels and doors – RAL 7035, and base – RAL 9005.

Standard model has natural ventilation. To ensure air circulation, vent holes are provided on the top and bottom of the cabinet. Upon customer’s request, forced circulation and heating system is installed.

To release excessive pressure, i.e. in case of arcing, the special valves are provided on the top cover of Low Voltage Switchboard.

Bus Duct:

Low Voltage Switchboard is equipped with busbar made of high-quality oxygen free electrical copper. The busbar system is ensured by standard embedded elements to create any configuration circuits up to 6,300A.

The busbar system consists of several copper bus strips at each phase. This ensures the optimal cooling during operation, as well as increased performance.

Busbars are located on the top, Phase A, B, C, N (PEN).

Bottom busbar position, PE, at front or rear of the cabinet

Busbar Rated Peak Value (Ipk) up to 220kA