Transformer Substation 10(6)kV

Transformer Substation 10(6)kV

Transformer Substation by SVEL is designed to receipt, convert and distribute AC three-phase, 6-10/0.4; 0.69kV, 50Hz.



Transformer Substation includes several HV cabinets and LV switchgears with the built-in devices, instruments, relays, alarm and controls, as well as power transformers. Transformer Substation can be built in the existing facility.

Special Options of Transformer Substation:

  1. Tailored solutions (a wide choice of equipment to satisfy any need);
  2. Installation within two weeks (the modules of transformer substations are delivered in high operational readiness to facilitate their installation on-site);
  3. Robust design (using bolt joints and minimum welds, powder and aluminum-zinc coating, seismic strength up to 9);
  4. Controlled assembly (to ensure all connection dimensions of power transformers and switchgears, check and adjust equipment at manufacturer’s site witnessed by client);
  5. Comprehensive approach (equipment compatibility, in-house power transformers of own production, avoid risks and additional costs on fitting of various equipment);
  6. Mounting Transformer Substation into E-House (any configuration upon customer’s request, possible outdoor location of Transformer Substation);
  7. Optimal Configuration, free from any excessive elements (own energy efficient dry-type cast resin transformers ensure saving on possible loss and make it totally unnecessary to keep and oil facility);
  8. Reference to the existing facilities of customer (installation on any type of foundation);
  9. Extended 5 Years warranty;
  10. Uninterruptable power supply (automatic circuit breaker based on smart relay).

Main Features of Transformer Substation:

Main Features of Transformer Substation:


  • State-of-industry high-quality components and materials (secondary circuits devices by Schneider Electric, busbar systems by ABB, switching circuit busbars by Valjaonica Bakra Sevojno, Serbia), to ensure quality and reliability of Transformer Substation;
  • Frame and all internal bearing elements made of high-quality thin steel sheets with anti-corrosion aluminum-zinc coating that securely preserve the equipment within the whole life cycle;
  • Doors and external panels are made of high-quality steel sheets with powder polyester exterior-type coating. The coating is applied by electrostatic spraying to ensure reliable even coating maintaining their protective properties within the whole service life.


  • Modular design of Transformer Substation to make equipment of various configurations;
  • Easy mounting of additional outgoing sections (subject to availability of space), or replacing switches on other rated current, with minimal costs, material and time;
  • Equip automatic circuit breaker with any microprocessor protection units at any level of complexity, including integration into SCADA;
  • Standard configuration of Transformer Substation contains Zelio Logic Smart Relay to allow customer adjust the logic of automatic circuit breaker independently or with support of our experts;
  • Automatic circuit breaker can be made upon customer’s request.


  • Quality assurance at each operation of assembling to eliminate additional expanses;
  • State-of-industry automated disconnectors and microprocessor protection units.


  • Design solutions ensure the requested internal partitioning of all functional elements. The partitioning meets the requirements of GOST Р 51321.1-2000, form 3а or 3b (4b – optional, upon customer’s request);
  • Such separation ensure safe maintenance and ability to locate possible failures within an affected compartment;
  • Switching control and monitoring devices are mounted on the front panels of cabinets. Switches are operated even with the door closed;
  • Drawout switches allow their maintenance with the busbars (of the transformer substation) energized.

Technical Data

Technical Data

Advantages of Transformer Substation:

  1. Pre-fabricated elements;
  2. Minimum welds; galvanized steel sheets;
  3. Flexible design and fast replacement;
  4. Optional configuration: one-type modules can be easily combined into multi-module substations;
  5. Integrated delivery;
  6. Max level of operational readiness;
  7. Min dimensions;
  8. Applicable for outdoor use, if mounted into E-House;
  9. Compatible with Dry-Type Cast Resin Transformers, which relieves from the need to establish and maintain an oil facility;
  10. Meet the shipment dimensions;
  11. Fit for any type of foundation;
  12. Seismic Strength up to 9 (MSK-64).

Services Assured by SVEL

Services Assured by SVEL
  1. Extended 5 Years warranty to reduce costs on preventive repair.
  2. Training for operating personnel prior to installation and during commissioning.
  3. Supervised assembling and interfacing prior to shipment witnessed by client (upon request).
  4. Technical support by SVEL experts.
  5. Service maintenance within first year of equipment operation, by SVEL Group’s Service Center.