E-House with Transformer Substation

E-House with Transformer Substation

E-House with Transformer Substation, AC three-phase, up to 10kV, 50Hz, 250kV∙A to 2,500kV∙A, is intended to receipt, convert and distribute electricity within urban, utility, social and industrial facilities, mains with insulated neutral at 6(10)kV, and dead earthed neutral at 0.4kV side.



E-House with Transformer Substation is a set of interconnected modules on the common foundation to form a single-space location. Its layout as well as the mounted systems and auxiliary equipment allow creating the necessary conditions for the normal operation and maintenance of power equipment inside the E-House.

E-House with Transformer Substation is used at the altitude up to 1,000m above the sea level under the boreal climate, environment class 1 as per GOST 15150-69 and ГОСТ 15543.1-89, subject to the following climate conditions:

  1. Max Ambient Temperature +40°С;
  2. Min Ambient Temperature -60°С;
  3. Design Indoor Air Temperature at least +5°С;
  4. Relative Humidity 75% at +15°С (annual average);
  5. Atmosphere II, Industrial.

The external impact factors are applicable for М13 mechanical configuration, as per GOST 17516.1-90 (2001).

Seismic Strength up to 9 (MSK-64).

Operating values of mechanical load and impacts:

  • permitted snow cover load up to 3,200Pa;
  • wind speed up to 36m/s, wind dynamic pressure up to 800Pa;
  • thickness of ice up to 20mm.


  • Mobility and maximum factory readiness allow for the installation of buildings in the shortest possible time;
  • Installation inside E-house can be carried out at any time of the year, regardless of the outside temperature;
  • High heat-insulating and refractory qualities of the E-house shell;
  • Environmental friendliness, hygiene, safety for humans;
  • No unnecessary load on the foundation of the building;
  • Ease of transportation;
  • No additional finishing required;
  • High sound insulation;
  • Low cost of buildings in comparison with capital construction objects (brick, concrete, etc.), as well as lower man-hours for construction;
  • Installation on any soil;
  • Seismic resistance up to 9 points.



E-House with Transformer Substation is applied at numerous industries:

  1. Oil&Gas
  2. Power Industry
  3. Ferrous&Non-Ferrous
  4. Engineering
  5. Chemical
  6. Petrochemical
  7. Infrastructure
  8. Agriculture