Smoothing Inductors
Smoothing Inductors
Smoothing Inductors
Smoothing Inductors

Smoothing Inductors

Smoothing Inductor is designed to smooth ripples of the rectified current.



It is a static electromagnet unit intended to reduce higher harmonics (ripples) in the rectified current by their inductance. The ripples should be in the range of up to 10% of DC current value. The main frequency of the variable current component is 300 Hz. The Smoothing Inductor is usually connected in series with a rectifier, so that the load current flows through it, in full. Please note that only the variable component of the current is limited, therefore, the electrical loss in the unit is minimal. The steel core allows reducing the magnetic loss and creating a significant inductance with small dimensions.

Smoothing Inductors designed by SVEL Group are intended for series connection to AC circuits to reduce ripples. Normally, such equipment is required for DC lines up to 2,000 V, control systems, i.e. to control rotation of variable frequency drives. Also, Smoothing Inductors are widely used in rolling mills’ DC drives equipped with thyristor converters. In this case, the smoothing Inductor is installed on the converter side.


  • light weight and small dimensions for such type of equipment;
  • excellent cooling;
  • protected configuration, optional;
  • high mechanical strength;
  • terminal location upon customer’s request;
  • reduced loss;
  • easy to install.

Technical data

Technical data

Product range:

  • СРОС(З)
  • РОLС(З)

Main Parameters*:

Parameter name Value
Standard Power, kVA: 800 - 7600
Rated Current, A: 320 - 9000
Rated Inductance, mH: 0,08 – 12,5
Voltage Class, kV: up to 10
Winding Material: Al / Cu
Winding Type: cast resin
Climate configuration: boreal, temperate, common
Environment class: 3, 4
Cooling: Air Natural (AN)

* Upon customer’s request, optional parameters are considered.