SVEL’s Dry-type Cast Transformers for Karelsky Okatysh, JSC


SVEL Group manufactured two dry-type cast resin transformers and delivered those to Karelsky Okatysh Mine.

Word ‘okatysh’ means ‘pellet’, i.e. a semi-finished product in metallurgical production, a small lump of enriched and roasted iron ore. Such semi-finished products are used in blast furnace smelting to produce pig iron.

Two 1,000kVA/10kV dry-type cast resin transformers are delivered to Customer in April, to supply the backflow heat pump station instead of the oil transformers with the expired service life. The dry-type cast resin transformers are fireproof and require no special maintenance.

Karelsky Okatysh Mine is a leading iron ore mining and processing plant, a part of Severstal's Mining Division with 20% output of iron ore pellets in Russia.