In 2021, SVEL Group Shipped to Belarus Clients Equipment Totaled RUB500mln


On Monday, April 18, Working Group Annual Meeting of Sverdlovsk Regional Government and Republic of Belarus Ministry of Energy held to cover cooperation in power industry.

Anton Tugolukov, Deputy General Director, participated on behalf of SVEL Group. Mr Tugolukov walked the meeting participants through the results of the previous year upgrades in the power industry of the Republic of Belarus, and implementation of the projects negotiated and signed a year ago at a similar meeting.

Belarus representatives conveyed their concerns related to a huge amount of EU equipment currently stacked at their facilities. Amongst the current situation, European manufacturers of these equipment turned down servicing it, and also, effecting further supplies. Anton Tugolukov assured that the SVEL Group is ready to take on these liabilities, and also stated that the company's experts have developed Interchangeability Table of equipment. Thus, SVEL instrument transformers made by SVEL would fit to replace any European analogue.

In 2021, SVEL Group supplied Belarus’ clients with equipment totaled over RUB500 million.

It's a real pleasure to have positive feedback about operation of our equipment.

Anton Tugolukov
Deputy General Director, SVEL Group