SVEL Dry-Type Transformers Mounted at Biryusinka Shopping Mall in Moscow


The Biryusinka Shopping Mall opened at the end of December in the Biryulyovo Zapadnoye district in Moscow at the former place of the Soviet cinema with the same name. As part of the reconstruction, the outdated building was partially dismantled and expanded, now the area of the center is almost seven thousand square meters.

SVEL Group has manufactured and supplied two 1250kVA low-noise transformers for 10kV voltage. Dry-type transformers SVEL are actively used in urban planning: for residential development, in the construction of shopping mall s and sports facilities.

Biryusinka is the fourteenth of the district shopping malls built as part of the Moscow Meeting Place Project.

The architectural concept of the shopping mall was developed by the British architect Amanda Levete, the management company is ADG Group.