SVEL Group Delivery to Newly Opened Bondarevskaya WPP


120 MW Bondarevskaya Wind Power Plant is the third wind farm built by NovaWind (Rosatom Division) in the Stavropol Territory.

SVEL Group ensured an uninterrupted power supply to this WPP by installation of the ‘turnkey’ substation, including the entire complex of equipment and all related construction activity:

63 MVA/110 kV power transformers, E-house SVEL-110 containing RG-SVEL-110 disconnectors, KBM-SVEL modular elements, VGT-110 gas switches, TOGF-110 current transformers and ZNOG-110 voltage transformers, as well as E-house SVEL-35, heating cabinets, drives’ power supply cabinets, and clamp cells.

Two separated buildings are built at the facility: Substation Control Unit - 489.6m2 and Closed Switchgear based on SVEL-K-3-1 cells, total area 140.22m2, as well as grounding and lighting systems.

All work is performed in strict accordance with the requirements of Rosatom, both in the area of occupational and industrial safety, and in work arrangement.

The construction of Bondarevskaya Wind Power Plant became the largest project of SVEL Group over the last three years.

Earlier, SVEL Group has also commissioned a substation for 60MW Karmalinovskaya WPP, and another substation for 60 MW Medvezhenskaya WPP is currently underway, to be completed by the end of 2021.