SVEL Group to Furnish Training Center at Zhambyl Grids Company, Taraz, Kazakhstan


Zhambyl Grids Company, Taraz, Kazakhstan has started construction of own Training Center. SVEL Group took lead on providing all necessary equipment and adds. This would include over 30 instrument transformers, training posters, aids, etc.

Upon establishing this Training Center, we would be able to cover the whole range of professional training for personnel. In the future, we anticipate to ensure continuous advanced training, improve skills of the grids personnel. These days, it is urgent indeed, as we observe staff shortage in electrical technicians, and other technical specialists that both possess knowledge and practical experience.

Oksana Volosova
Chief, Training Center, Zhambyl Grids Company

SVEL Group is interested in deepening the knowledge in our equipment up to minor details. Thus, we have already furnished similar training centers in other countries, i.e. in October 2021, Training Center at Kyrgyzstan National Grids, JSC, was equipped by SVEL.

Denis Karunos
Sales, Instrument Transformers Department, SVEL Group