SVEL Group: Training for RusHydro


In November, training was conducted for RusHydro, Russian largest power holding operating over 60 hydropower plants, thermal power plants and power assets in the Far East, as well as power supply companies and R&D organizations.

Technical specialists from all over the country participated in the training that took place at the RusHydro Training Center and learnt about SVEL innovations, discussed specifics in operating their equipment, and asked questions. The focus of the event was the disconnectors product line, including the new 35 kV disconnectors, and 6kV (10kV), 35kV switchgear.

‘We have moved away from a usual training session, when a presentation is displayed on the screen and the instructor explains the equipment features. For visual clarity, we have prepared videos of supervised installation and servicing, as well as video tutorials and training clips to consolidate the knowledge.’

Evgeni Nemykin
Chief Supervising Engineer

‘Such events are extremely efficient for both parties: the operators receive the first-hand information that may eliminate errors and inaccuracies, which lead to damage of the mechanisms in the equipment, while the employees develop a concept of acting in case of emergency, as well as establish direct contact with the manufacturer. It is in the manufacturer's interest that the equipment is operated correctly, with no need for repair. The easier and clearer the process of operation is, the higher is the reliability and the probability that the next time the customer will order again.

The training was sponsored by Hydropower Corporate University, and we were very pleased that our colleagues appreciated the skills of SVEL’s experts and expressed their gratitude for the training.’