SVEL Power Transformer at Kyshtym Copper Electrolyte Plant


SVEL Group manufactured and delivered two 40MVA/110kV oil-immersed power transformers for Kyshtym Copper Electrolyte Plant (Kyshtym, Chelyabinsk Region).

The first transformer was commissioned in October 2022, while installation of the second transformer was completed in early March. SVEL specialists conducted the routing tests on-site.

The new equipment was supplied under the technical upgrade of the plant. The Kyshtym Copper Electrolyte Plant is an affiliate of RMK Group. Their key business is pyrofining and electrolytic refining of blister copper, processing of copper scrap and wastes containing precious metals, production of M00k Grade copper cathodes, Class A copper rods, and precious metals.

SVEL Group has been supplying equipment to RMK Group since 2011.