SVEL Student-Style: Summing Up Distributed Practice


May 25, 2022 was the day when the distributed practice for third-year students of Electrical Engineering Department, Power Engineering College, Ural Federal University, ended.

This distributed practice was arranged in small teams, which were wisely scheduled to study all our four products: dry-type, oil-immersed, instruments transformers, as well as substation equipment.

For instance, at oil-immersed production site, the students were assigned this task to create 3D Model of the frame and prepare the related drawings.

This was a first-time practice of such format for us, and the feedback from students proved to be more than positive. ‘It’s precious to dive into the product specific, execute a real assignment, and design a part to be manufactured right there.

The most pro-active students who proved themselves as successful trainees were invited to be apprentices, and, then, to join SVEL team as full-time employees.

The distributed practice would hardly happed without coordinators who devoted their time and efforts to the students. All them deserve our credits for their painstaking work. Obviously, this is a hard job to train next generation of specialist, however it would ensure knowledge integrity, maintaining and transfer being a real contribution into the future of the electrical engineering.

Tatyana Yefremova
PR Specialist, SVEL Group, JSC