SVEL Transformers at Zolotoy Residential District Facing the Moscow Kremlin


Zolotoy Luxury Residential District in the historical center of the RF capital facing the Kremlin is commissioned in Moscow.

Power supply is ensured by six 1,000kVA and 1,600kVA/20kV dry-type cast resin transformers by SVEL. These transformers are designed low-noise owing to the company's technical solutions, which also allow compact dimensions without reducing reliability.

SVEL Group supports sustainable development of Moscow grids since 2010 offering optimal solutions for 6-20 kV voltage classes equipment with regard to energy efficiency and safety standards.

This project includes not only 16 new 3 to 6 floored apartment sections, but also the historical buildings, including the manor being a cultural heritage building. The reconstructed historical buildings are expected to be commissioned later, fully adapted for modern needs.

A team of leading Russian and foreign architects worked on the project, and the design was developed by SPEECH, a domestic design company.