SVEL Transformers Ensure Power Supply to Chkalov Arena, Moscow


On October 18, the opening ceremony of the Chkalov Arena, one of the largest and most modern sports centers, took place in Moscow. To maintain power supply to this object, SVEL Group installed two 2500kVA/20kV transformers.

These Dry-type Cast Resin Transformers are designed upon the standard requirements for urban buildings. The equipment is environmentally friendly and contain zero combustion materials. Low noise level makes it possible to use SVEL transformers in crowded places and socially significant facilities.

Chkalov Arena is located on the territory of the former Tushino airfield, 25 various sports will be held here, including those requiring complicated infrastructure. The total area of the Chkalov Arena is over 32 thousand square meters. It includes two ice arenas, a hockey training center, a rhythmic gymnastics center, a fencing center and a universal gym that can be transformed for team sports: i.e. volleyball, handball, basketball, table tennis, and many others.