SVEL Transformers Ensure UPS for Lokomotiv Residential Complex in Barnaul


‘Lokomotiv’ is a residential complex in one of the most attractive area in Barnaul both rest and sightseeing. The residential complex is located exactly on the spot where the same name stadium used to be, though the sports grounds are there for the locals, along with the underground parking space

To ensure infrastructure of the complex, SVEL Group has supplied six 2,500kVA/6kV and four 1,250kVA/6kV Dry-type Cast Resin Power Transformers. These transformers are equipped with temperature control units to monitor the current status of the equipment.

Dry-type Cast Resin Transformers are the best option for the residential infrastructure. Due to their fire safety and environmental compatibility, such transformers are permitted to be installed in the dwelling houses.