Tourist Center Opened in Samarkand with 46 Transformers by SVEL Group


Great Silk Way, a tourist center in Samarkand is a significant project for the Republic of Uzbekistan. On September 15-16, the summit of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) will take place there, and after this event, the project is intended to become a place of attraction for tourists.

There is an old market place, several dozens of traditional craft workshops, which will host master classes in wood carving, pottery, silk paper, jewelry and rug weaving. The Tourist Center is located 50 km to Samarkand, on the territory of the rowing canal and consists of a congress hall, eight hotels, the Eternal City Complex, recreation areas and other facilities.

To provide the entire infrastructure, SVEL Group manufactured 46 dry-type cast resin transformers of various capacities, 250kVA to 2,000kVA/35 kV. This new line of highly reliable dry-type transformers is designed to operate under overload conditions up to 140% of the rated value for a long time. Such properties would compensate for the climate specifics – the air temperature in Samarkand reaches 60°С. They also will ensure power reserve, in case of peak loads in the electric circuit.

The transformers have a low level of losses, also they have adjustments similar to the values set in the European Union for energy-efficient products of the Ecodesign class. This will reduce the cost of electricity during operation of the tourist center.