Current-limiting Reactors by SVEL at Maysky Greenhouse Complex


Maysky Greenhouse Complex is located in the suburbs of Kazan, being the largest gardener of indoor vegetables in Russia. Over 43 thousand tons of cucumbers, tomatoes, green foodstuff and other vegetables and berries are produced here annually.

Current limiting reactors by SVEL are designed ensure integration with the local grids. The greenhouse complex generates power in-house, which is majorly in demand in the fall and winter, when the daylight hours are short, while vegetables need more artificial lighting. In summer, the plant generates a surplus of energy, which is planned to be supplied into external power grids for the needs of other consumers.

SVEL reactors will secure the cable lines from the complex all the way through 110kV Osinovo Substation. The reactors for the mill are made as a new, monolithic unit patented by SVEL Group and launched in 2020. Two sets of 1600A current-limiting reactors are delivered to the greenhouse complex, as scheduled to be commissioned by the end of August.