First Jubilee Series Dry-Type Transformers Shipped to Customer


In late October, 2021 SVEL Group shipped first three 1,600kVA / 6kV dry-type cast resin transformers of the Jubilee Series to UzAvto Plant, Uzbekistan

The Jubilee Series means 80 dry-type cast resin indoor transformers manufactured to celebrate 80th birthday of Alexander Alexandrovich Shmelev, Chief Design Engineer of SVEL Group.

Over 50 years, Mr Shmelev has been working in electrical engineering designing and developing dry-type transformers, being among the creator of the first dry-type transformer by SVEL, and he continues working to this day. Over the years, is become possible to combine the best practice of the Soviet and European design engineering and create a modern product that meets international standards and high quality requirements. Several generations of design engineers have been brought up under the guidance of Alexander Alexandrovich and now they keep working in the company on new challenging projects.

‘In our work, we maintain a high engineering standards and interaction between all plant services: from order receipt and design to testing and installation. This is an essential factor in maintaining quality that forms the image of the most advanced company," states A. Shmelev, Chief Design Engineer, DT Trafo, SVEL Group.