SVEL Group at Urals Distribution Grids – Sverdlovenergo Meeting


March 10, Enhancing Reliability of Substations online meeting was held. This event was attended by representatives of the inter-regional distribution grid company, as well as companies manufacturing electrical equipment.

Representatives of SVEL Group’s Oil-immersed Transformers presented a report on ‘Key Trends in Power Transformer Maintenance; Special Features in Individual Maintenance of Power Transformers’, detailing SVEL technique, which have been ensuring making reliable equipment.

The report included some international statistics on damages of separate parts of transformers and proposed options for monitoring the transformer’s state via systematic approach and the most advanced diagnostic methods.

‘Events in this format are certainly beneficial for both customers and manufacturers - they let us know the ‘pains’ of both sides, discuss the most acute issues, and develop optimal solutions," commented Mr Oleg Kuzmin, Power Transformer BL, SVEL Group.