SVEL Group Commissioned Uvat Substation


E-house – Modular Substation, Type SVEL-35-5AN(K)-6300-UHL1 – put into operation at the end of 2021. The customer – RN-Uvatneftegaz, LLC is owned by Rosneft, JSC.

SVEL Group delivered all requested equipment, ensured supervised installation and commissioning of all automated control, protection systems, and hot standby unit. Part of the equipment has been in conservation for 3 years, but despite this, installation and commissioning are completed normally.

This project involved certain issues related to remote location of the site – about 400 km to the nearest big city (Nizhnevartovsk), 200 of which – through deposit fields. In addition to this, the logistics was complicated by the special access arrangement, and additional measures caused by COVID-19 at each deposit field, which had to be crossed to reach the site.

Ability to fulfil projects in any climate zone or geographical environment is a special hallmark of SVEL Group. With our high-quality personnel, the most advanced equipment, the company does their best to become and remain efficient for customers, regardless the level of the task in store.