SVEL Group Presented New Products and Innovations at Main Transmission Lines of Siberia


During a meeting at Main Transmission Lines of Siberia, representatives of SVEL Group presented several new products:

  • Disconnector RG-SVEL-110 and RG-SVEL-220 intended for safe, reliable and trouble-free grids functioning.
  • Monolithic reactors Dry-MC – SVEL Group is a first ever manufacturer of monolithic reactors. Portable substation, up to 10MVA.
  • Portable substation, up to 10MVA.

In addition to that, SVEL’s expert shared their experience in optimizing delivery chains aiming at timely implementation of all contract liabilities and presented the sole owner concept for liaison with customers.

Definitely, import substitution was the highlight of the meeting, where the top managers of Siberian power grids and representatives of the largest suppliers in electrical engineering walked through their current experience in adapting to the evolving situation and, still, searching for options to evolve operation characteristics.