SVEL Group Supplied Unique Equipment to the Arctic


The equipment is designed to the new Pevek-Bilibino Power Transmission Line, which will ensure reliable energy connection to the city of Pevek, where ‘Academician Lomonosov’, the floating nuclear thermal power plant (FNPP), is put into commercial operation in 2020.

SVEL manufactured and supplied electromechanical component (25,000MVA/ 110kV) for two controllable 25 MVAr shunt reactors for Bilibino Distribution Point.

The controllable shunt reactor is an active element of the grid that controls operation of power system.

The project is called for due to the dramatic deterioration of the existing power transmission line, which has been in operation since 1960, and gradual decommissioning of the Bilibino NPP. At the same time, numerous mining projects are currently being implemented in the Pevek-Bilibino Power Hub requiring a reliable power supply.

Construction is underway day and night in extreme climate conditions of the Arctic.