SVEL Hosted Power Committee


2022 Power Committee under auspices of Sverdlovsk Regional Industry and Commerce Chamber hosted by SVEL Group under the headline ‘Import Substitution: Time to Show Cards’.

Over 70 delegates of electrical engineering companies arrived to discuss the steps aiming at mitigating risks related to the dramatic changes both in the global and domestic market.

The panel talks with heated discussions were moderated by Mr. Tugolukov, Deputy CEO, SVEL Group. First panel was devoted to import substitution of equipment within uncertainties of the current moment, and representatives of such large industrial companies as Pervouralsk Novotrubny Plant, Reftinskaya Hydro Station, Ural Mining Combine shared their vision on the current status. Power engineers considered opportunities to substitute companies that ceased their activity in the Russian market and denied their liabilities in equipment and spare parts delivery, service, maintenance and repair.

Mr Tugolukov states that even now SVEL team is ready to provide customers with the full-scale alternate to the products of European companies, i.e. HV equipment, switchgears, transformers, and other equipment that enhance quality of electricity. At that, SVEL Group can cover adaptation of projects basing on qualitative and quantitative parameters required by customers.

Second panel talk swirl to equipment manufacturers. Participants expressed their vision on the challenges they have faced within the latest months and talked over possible paths to ensure import substitution of raw materials and components when abroad deliveries are non-feasible due to the imposed sanctions, and violation in logistic chains, and came up with option to solve the issued upon the gained experience.

Then the scientific cluster took the floor with their narration on the House of Scientists established in Yekaterinburg, their capabilities and efficient support to design engineers and business, in general. All delegates of this event were invited to a tour around SVEL Production Site at Alpinistov Street, covering all manufacturing cycle: starting from material and components acceptance at the storage and to final goods ready for dispatch. This tour was aimed at demonstrating the depth of production localization in Russia. This means, as SVEL put it, evolve and continuously improve methods and techniques of the full cycle production works.

In conclusion of this meeting, Mr Rodin, the Chair of Power Committee, expressed their highest impressions for the utmost hospitality of SVEL, and presented a gratitude letter to Mr. Tugolukov for a great contribution to the activity of the Ministry of Power and Utilities of Sverdlovsk Region.