SVEL Transformers Delivery to Kursk NPP-2


SVEL Group has delivered two 40 MVA/330 kV transformers to Kursk NPP-2 for general plant-wide purposes.

The transformers are manufactured according to the relevant quality plans, i.e. passed the conformity evaluation participated by representatives of the customer and the authorized organization, Also, surge withstand test and full load test are conducted.

This is the third batch of equipment by SVEL Group for Kursk NPP-2. Two 25 MVA/330 kV oil-immersed transformers and 28 dry-type transformers, 630kVA to 1,600kVA, have already been put into operation at the NPP.

Currently, reserve-type 80 MVA/330 kV/ oil-immersed transformers, and working-type 80 MVA/24 kV transformers, and module-type single-phase 533 MVA/ 330kV and 750 kV transformers with forced cooling are prepared by SVEL Group with the scheduled deliveries in 2022 and 2024.

Kursk NPP-2 is being constructed to replace the decommissioned power units of the existing Kursk NPP. The new power units will ensure increased safety and improved technical and economic characteristics in accordance with the latest industry standards.